KANGOO Z.E. 33 offers you the keys to boosting your driving range

1) Regenerative braking: The battery charges itself when you take your foot off the accelerator and also when you use the brake pedal.

2) Heat pump: part of the air conditioning system, it produces heat or cools down the vehicle. Acting like reversible air conditioning, it operates in both capacities while preserving your driving range.

3) Low consumption tyres: thanks to their low rolling resistance, they help to preserve the driving range without affecting road holding or braking.

4) Fuel saver: located on the dashboard, this instrument indicates whether you are in energy recovery or consumption mode.

5) Eco mode: When activated, you restrain the engine so you can drive even longer.

6) R-LINK Evolution: with the My Z.E. [email protected] service (on subscription), programme and evaluate the charging of each of your vehicles; receive charge status, time remaining and range alerts on your computer or smartphone. Use them to optimise your budget by programming off-peak charging.

7) Pre-heating system: programme the heating or air conditioning to come on when your New Kangoo Z.E. is still on charge. The energy used will not be drawn from the battery.

8) New 7 kW charger: in one hour, recuperate 20 miles with a 32 A / 7.4 kW Wallbox.

$42 000
city mpg
hwy mpg
Make Renault
TCD Class IN
Fuel type Electric
Engine 33kWh
Rust Proofing Included